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Hi, I’m Lauren – a frequent traveller, long-distance relationship do-er and beauty enthusiast living in Montreal! The more I've travelled through the years and the more my friends began to ask me for my must-do activities and itineraries for a given city, I started to realize that I had trouble remembering all the "crucial" details - what coffee shop should not be missed, which hike to do first, or which rooftop bar serves up the best city views. This blog is my way to document my travels, and help inspire others on their own adventures. I've lived in the Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK over the past few years, but now call Montreal, Canada home.. sort of. The love of my life lives in the Netherlands, so you'll often catch me on the red-eye from Montreal to Amsterdam. I work in brand marketing during business hours, but am always planning my next trip.. and sharing the details here! 

You can also follow my adventures on Instagram here.

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